Tuesday, July 7, 2015

15 Factoids Revisited

I recently decided that I somewhat regret having allowed my blog to lapse.  I could blame it on any number of things, but let's just not lay blame and get back to it, shall we?

10 Factoids that Capture the Moment:

1.  EVERYONE in my house is fully potty-trained and has been for a year now.  Let's let that one sink in for a moment.... ah!

2.  We are on summer break from school right now and the neighbor kids think we are the  most cruel parents ever for requiring that our children to a single page of Language Arts workbook and a single page of Math workbook each day. 

3.  Also, it's apparently okay for six-year-olds to roam the neighborhood at 8:30 at night looking for company.  And we are, AGAIN, the worst parents ever for putting our 6 and 8 year old children to bed shortly after 8.

4.  A year ago, A was starting the summer in size 6X clothes.  This was the same size she had worn for 4 years already. Now?  She's in a size 10 pants and size 8 top.  It's crazy how kids grow.

5.  I am starting to get back into knitting after a long break where knitting just wasn't much fun anymore.  A gal can only own so many scarves and hats and if the kids aren't willing to wear sweaters...  I'm not sure what has turned the tide back.  Perhaps it's knitting for the dollies?

6.  M's favorite meal is Sushi Rice.  It's fried rice made with sushi rice, fried spam, sweet omelete, avocados, carrots, onions, wasabi sesame seeds, and other yummy add-ons.  I can't seem to make enough to ever have leftovers.

7.  We are going through a transition time in regards to toys.  Nothing is cool anymore.  A has been sitting in a $30 Toys R Us gift card for over 8 months now, with no idea what to spend it on.  OH, the pain!  M still thinks toys are cool, but is having a hard time deciding how to spend her birthday money after we told her no more Barbies and NO Monster High.

8.  We just lost half of our side yard to a new bike path.  It's awesome that we will have access to the bike path so close to home.  It sucks that we lost half of our side yard to it and a lot of our privacy.  The one thing I will say is that I do pity the folks who step off of the bike path and onto our lawn.  That's the dog toilet part of our yard, and while I do regularly scoop the poo, dogs are pooping machines and not every one gets flagged.  Watch your step.

9.  Mom absolutely loves the summer schedule.  Dad doesn't.  Two whole days with just me and the kids at home?  Yes, please! 

10.  It's probably time to retire the phrase "Hanitizer."  Sadly, even the youngest can now pronounce "Hand Sanitizer" correctly. Only the parent still call it "hanitizer."