Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Green Beans

During the 4 warm months of the year, we like to grill.  We plan ahead and buy a LOT of meat for the grill and usually pair it with a lot of fresh produce.  I try to organize things so that I shop in the morning and we grill in the afternoon or evening of the same day.  I don't like to keep raw meat hanging around in my refrigerator for too many days, so getting it out the same day I buy it really makes me happy.

On our most recent grill-day, we had:

BBQ chicken thighs that I had marinated with a recipe from Once a  Month Cooking.
Stadium Brats (12 of them, I believe)
Polish sausages (6)
Hot dogs (12)
Roasted yellow peppers
Boiled corn on the cob
Fresh strawberries (I got a GREAT deal on those, $3.76 for 2 quarts of berries)
Trappy's Field Peas
and this green bean recipe.

It was heavenly.

We ate grilled leftovers from Sunday until Thursday.  All I had to do was reheat it each night and everyone had their fill of whichever meat they wanted plus all the veggies.  I wish I'd taken a picture because it looked like we had enough food for 20 people. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Basics: the RoPo (RosiePosey) Fold for Flat Diapers, Modified

It's been a while since I've posted anything diaper-related, but as my friends get ready for the birth of their first child, I find myself sharing more diaper information.  So, here is is, the Modified RoPo fold for flat diapers:

Start with your flat diaper laid out neatly.  I like to fold my flats into quarters when warm from the drier and then go back later to fold them up for use. You could do this straight from the drier, though.

Fold in the sides towards the center.  For a smaller baby, fold all the way in or even overlap if you need to.  For a larger baby, leave a gap as shown.

Fold the bottom up to create a rectangle the correct LENGTH for your baby.  This would be the "rise" of the diaper.  I like to add my doubler here so that it ends up somewhat wrapped in the flat.

Fold one side towards the center.  This is a slightly less than 1/3 of the width fold. 

Turn out one corner.  The exact point of the turn out is not critical as this fold will shift when you put the diaper on the baby.

Repeat the previous steps with the other side.

Place the baby on the diaper with the open side at their hips.  I like to pinch the "wad" of the diaper at the crotch before bringing the front up.  This reduces the bulk a bit.

Spread out the front corners of the diaper across the baby's hips.

Tug on the corner of one of the wings behind the hips.  The goal is to loosen the part under the buttcheek so that the fabric will create a pocket to catch poo.  Go ahead and tug pretty hard, you can't pull too much out on accident.

Wrap the wing over the front and secure with a pin.  You could, potentially, use a snappi depending on the diaper fabric.  Personally, I like pins for flats.

Repeat for side 2.

This is how it should fit.  You can create a pretty low-slung diaper for an older baby or a higher-rise for the Poo-Master newbie.  This truly is an all-sizes fold as it is customizable for width, length, and absorption.