Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Small Victory Gets Smaller

After reworking my doll pattern over the holidays, the resulting dolls spent a little time in the livingroom and playroom.  The conclusion I came to, after watching my kids play with the dolls a few times was that while the doll felt really small to me, it is not, in fact, a small doll. Yes, the smaller size of this version of the doll barely fills out newborn-sized onesies, but still, it was too big.

My youngest struggled to see where she was going while holding the doll.  My oldest can see around it, but even in her arms, the doll looked like a giant.  This was not going to work for them as a plaything!  So I set about to reducing the size yet one more time.  The problem, I thought, was that the arm and leg pieces, when cut out for the newborn size, already seemed impossibly tiny. In fact, the first time I sewed one up, I almost gave up before doing any sewing at all because the arms just looked too tiny to even be possible. 

Nevertheless, I tried anyway.  I figured that the only thing I had to loose was a few dollars in fabric and an hour of my time.  So I put the pattern on the old photocopier and reduced it to 64%.  I then added back in 1/4" of seam allowance, and went to it.  The end result is here:

and here:

And here are two more in progress:

 I love the new size.  This size is just 17" from toes to the top of its head.  In my own hands, it feels absolutely tiny.  In my child's arms, though, it looks perfect.  These little ones wear preemie-sized prefolds and fill out preemie prefolds perfectly.  Clearly, we have a winning size... seeing as how I have whipped them out in 4 of the 7 cloth colors I have on-hand.  I've had to fiddle with the pattern a bit, and that is all the excuse I am going to give for why I am making so many of them.  LOL.  They are really a great size and a ton of fun.  I'm glad I decided to risk taking them too small.  The end result was worth it!

For those of you interested in a size comparison, see the following picture.  On the left is the original size of the doll.  The two larger bald ones are the first reduction and the center is the new size.  This picture is a touch misleading, though, since the tiny doll is sitting on the legs of the newborn doll.