Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Projects List, Refreshed

I've been working hard to get through a bunch of projects this month.  It is the gifting season and everyone loves gifts!

I have finished:
  • stuffed monsters for the birthday party
  • A's birthday hat
  • my slouchy hat
  • longies for M with BBR's Joyce's Choice
  • a holiday gift for my  knitter's group
  • a set of mittens for my nephew, which shrank in the washer and were turned into coasters
  • pink and black pants for wearing with M's favorite tutu dress
  • the last set of fingerless mitts for my farmer friends
  • two pair of longies for M, one with cestari fine and one with wool from my friends' sheep
Yet to do this month:
  1. cowl for MIL
  2. holiday elf doll
  3. slippers for C
  4. mittens for A
  5. longies for M: KoolAid-dyed UFO pants, and my surprise yarn set.
  6. stuffed toys for the kids' stockings
  7. dog sweater
  8. Christmas stockings for C and I
 It's only a FEW more items than I can realistically finish.... snicker.... We'll see what gets done!

And here are the finished project pic for some of the above:

Woof Review

Who We Brought Home

Who He Is Now!

Since Frank's first birthday went by in November without any fanfare or special notice, I thought I'd post this small photo comparison.  He was 7lbs when we brought him home last January and is now somewhere between 35 and 40lbs.  You can easily see the Labrador in him now, where as a puppy he looked more like a beagle.   Now if we could only get him to stop chewing on things, live would be perfect!!!!  This morning, I took away a plastic outlet cover, a wool coaster, and a Christmas ornament, all within about 5 minutes of him being out of his crate!