Thursday, September 30, 2010

Working Out a Pattern

I've taken it upon myself to write my next pattern in multiple sizes.  I wasn't intending to.  Really, I'm far too busy to want to challenge myself in that way.  But then it just happened.  I thought I was working on a size 18-24mos sweater pattern and suddenly the resulting sweaters were snug on my size 18 mos child.  What?  How does this happen?  Did she grow?  No, she's still a size 18 mos.  Alas, the sweater is simply snug.

So here I am, frantically recalculating cast on stitches, landmark stitch counts, and final measurements.  Phew, math done, I feel really good about offering this next pattern in multiple sizes from12 mos to3T.  Oh, but wait, after blocking one of my original pattern sweaters, it GREW!  A lot.  So I guess that sweater really was sized 18-24 mos. 

Ha!  The joke's on me!  And yet in the end, I really can't be upset because I got a multi-sized pattern out of that one small error in planning.  I also realized that doing the calculations for each alternative size really isn't as scary as I had believed.  Yes, I still need testers to knit from the pattern and tell me if it fits their children, but now I have more to offer and a better feeling that people will be getting their $5 worth when they buy my pattern.

For the sneak peek, the following sweater designs will be included in the pattern, along with a lot of ideas for customizing it with additional stitch patterns and small details:

I'd be interested in a few more test-knitters, so if there's anyone out there who'd like to be involved, please leave a comment including where to reach you.  Alternatively, contact me via ravelry.  Look up Maggie's Flower Tunic and send a message to me from there.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And Just In Case You Weren't Bored by My Knitting Projects...

here are some more...  First is a pink sweater.  A REALLY pink sweater.  The yarn was payment for some knitting I did as part of an organized swap.  I didn't have a say in the yarn or I probably would have asked for something less, well, less pink.  In the end, it was kind of nice to have a yarn I wasn't too attached to for this project as it was a completely new pattern that I was working up as I went along. Unfortunately, it turned out cute and I will never get to use it on M because it is just WAY too shockingly pink on her.  The photograph makes it look like a nice warm hot pink but it's a bit harsher in reality.

Next up are a pair of mittens for M that go with the knitted helmets I made for each girl for this winter.  I guess I never showed off the hats, either, so here they are.  I have plans to make A a pair of matching mittens, too.

And a few that are finally finished:

First up is the Koolaid sweater.  It needed work on the neckline, so I added 1x1 ribbing to make it fit better.

Next up is the longies I knit with Malabrigo Twist in the terron color.  I think they turned out nice but I don't love them.  In fact, I have yet to block and lanolize them.  I doubt M will wear them more than once or twice.  They just aren't the right color.  I wanted dark choclate, not burned grape. I think I'm going to have to open up an online shop just to offload the items that I finish but don't like... even if it's just to payback my yarn investment!

Currently on the knitting needles is a sock.  I have 8oz of sock yarn in 2oz cakes, each hand-dyed a different color.  Each sock is using about 1.5oz, so I anticipate about 5 socks will come out of it, each mis-matched to all of the others.  I'm using the same knitting pattern for each and heel and toe blocks of each will be done with one of the other colors.  I'll post pics when I finish.

I also intend to release my two sweater patterns (the koolaid and the pink) soon if I can get someone to test knit for me.  Any takers?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Bit More Knitting

Here is a finished project from a recent Yarn For Woolies Swap I participated in.  It's a size small longies and hat set done in Purewool's Aqua y Crudo.

Also in the knitting bag is this set of longies, knit from Malabrigo Twist (Terron color):
 I think they turned out just fine but they aren't what I wanted by a long shot.  I wanted deep chocolate brown, not brown with lilac in it.  I also wanted a celtic knot cable but that just looked awful when I tried it.  Sigh.  Now if only I could sell these and get some money for new yarn...

And finally, another finished project.  This was a test run of my Maggie's Flower Tunic pattern with a number of modifications.  I used half-linen stitch instead of eyelet and carried it throughout the body.  At the sleeves I did put the stitches on my DPNs and picked up stitches under the armpit.  I knit another inch or so, in pattern, and then bound off with a crochet scallop.  Oh, and the body is hemmed with a band of butterfly stitch.

On my upcoming projects list:

sweater for myself
2 xmas gifts
hat for A
mittens and hat for M
mittens for me
socks for me
testing my Lofty Charlotte pattern (I have GOT to come up with a better name!)