Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Ride Into Town

I see a cow!

Some cows are eating.

Some cows are pooping.

Mama, do you see the cow pooping?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Holy-Poop-I'm-Rich Garage sale

Holy poop! I'm rich! No, seriously. I held a one-day garage sale today and made over $550.


I'm gonna faint!

And I still have more to sell. Sigh.

I decided to throw a garage sale, kind of spur of the moment this weekend. We're closing on our old house in less than two weeks and all of a sudden we're drowning in things. We've got the equivalent of two households crammed into one house. It's NUTS. I had:

4 twin beds
7 twin bed mattress pads
2 toddler beds
2 cribs
3 crib bedding sets
5 microwave carts
6 ceramic Indians (yes, 4 foot tall ones. If you search my blog for photos of the new house, you'll see the "drag queen" Indians, as we like to think of them.)
2 dining sets (table and chairs)
3 l0ve seats
8 rolling office chairs

and the list goes on and on. I needed to downsize majorly in order to even feel remotely in control of my house. So, I threw together a quick garage sale with all the child items I had already decided to sell plus a few of the more obvious items from Grandpa's household.

They say that if you build it, they will come. I put together the garage sale with that hope in mind. If I organize a sale, the buyers will come. I placed one ad on Craigslist, one sign in our front yard, and one sign on my car, which I parked out front. We had customers before 8am and the last set came after 4pm.

I had people duking it out for my child's outgrown items. No fistfights, thankfully, but people standing in line to inquire about items who were honestly disappointed when the items sold to someone else. It was SHOCKING.

I sold over $75 of M's used cloth diapers to more than one person and then had to go back into the house to see if I could scrounge up some more to sell. I didn't sell anything that I really wanted to keep, mind you, but people were asking for things that I suddenly remembered were still in a box waiting to be processed. This didn't happen just once, either!

I am very much less weighed down by excess belongings now. M has a bedroom with only a few boxed items waiting to be dealt with. A's room doesn't have ANY excess items.... oh, wait, her closet is still full of Grandma's things. Sigh. That's the thing. Even after a very successful garage sale, I'm still in a position where I can turn around and literally TRIP over something I should have, could have, and would have sold if I'd remembered to put it in the sale.

I guess I'll just have to have another sale this summer!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Apparently my youngest would rather take a bath than nurse. So much so, that she created her own sign to tell me she would like a bath.

"M, do you want a bath after you drink milk?"

She looks up at me, pops off, sits up. She looked back at me, then at her arms.

"M, nurse first or bath first?"

She lifted her arms in front of herself and rubbed on hand on the other forearm.


Bath it is!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toddler Dictionary

New this month in our 3 year old's vocabulary:

Mr. Contato Head = Mr. Potatohead
Eernoculators = binoculars
treemotes = remote controls

Hybrid Diapers

Okay, so we've finally tried all three MAJOR brands of hybrid diapers. There are smaller brands, but we've tried the big three:


I have to say, each has some nice feature which draws me, but no one has a clear advantage. I like them all in some way. Each system has a fabric cover and both cloth and disposable inserts. We have used all of the insert types with the exception of Flip organic inserts and gCloth inserts. We can't get our hands on the gCloth and simply haven't needed Flip organic inserts with our other prefold and preflat stash avaiable for use in the Flip cover.

A quick peek at Grobaby:

PROS of Grobaby's shell ($17):
  • available in snap or space-aged aplix and snap-conversion is offered
  • very well made
  • dries quickly
  • narrow crotch
  • available in prints or solid colors
CONS of Grobaby's shell:
  • poop gets caught in the mesh lining
  • non-KAM snaps means moms can't do in-home snap repair if needed
  • colors fade with washing
  • fabric gets pilly where aplix attaches

PROS of Grobaby biosoakers (disposable inserts) ($0.40 each):
  • flushable inner materials
  • elasticized leg gussets
  • adhesive holds insert in place
  • waterproof backing keeps messes from shells
  • stay nicer in the diaper bag, do not pick up lint or get fuzzy
CONS of Grobaby biosoakers:
  • flushable inners are difficult to get out of the outer casing. You have to tear the casing on at least three sides and risk dumping wet inner material all over the floor.
  • adhesive transfers from the biosoaker onto the shells
  • harder to get positioned in shell, due to elastic and folding in of edges
  • most expensive insert

PROS of Grobaby cotton soakers ($8.50 each):
  • snap in place for easy use
  • 100% cotton
  • does not require folding for smaller sizes
CONS of Grobaby cotton soakers:
  • take a very long time to dry, as in 2 drier cycles and an overnight line-dry
  • fleece top layer gets rough over time and stains fairly easily

A quick peek at Flip:

PROS of Flip covers ($13.50):
  • snapping
  • one-size (this can be a con, though)
  • thin and flexible
  • soft fabric and soft leg elastic leaves no red marks
  • wipe-clean inner
  • can be used as a cover over ANY diaper

CONS of Flip covers:
  • only available in solid colors
  • loose leg elastic can make getting a good seal difficult on a skinny baby
  • one-size means folded-over material, which can be awkward

PROS of Flip inserts ($0.28 each):
  • can double up for extra absorbancy because there is no waterproof backing
  • no plastic at all
  • inserts lie nicely in shell when preparing the diaper
  • less expensive
  • easy to fold down to fit into the shell
  • least expensive insert (comparable to regular disposables)
CONS to Flip inserts:
  • no elastic legs, so poo can get on cover
  • when thoroughly soaked, we found fluffy, fibrous material stuck to the baby's bum
  • narrow insert bunches quickly

PROS of Flip stay dry inserts ($5):
  • microsuede top feels dry and resists staining
  • microfiber absorbs quickly without bulk
  • dries quickly in the drier
CONS of Flip stay dry inserts:
  • man-made material
  • does require occasional bleach added to the wash to control stinkies (1T in the hot load every 2 weeks)
  • has to be folded to fit, which leaves a bulge
  • does not snap in place, which means it can slide out of place while applying to baby's bum
A quick peek at gDiapers:

PROS to gDiapers "little gpants" ($15):
  • soft and silky to touch and pat the bum
  • snap out liners means you can keep the outer pant that matches the outfit all day, even when baby poops on the liner
  • aplix closes in the back to keep baby from undoing her diaper
  • easily available at non-diapering stores (grocery stores, coops, Babies R Us)
  • fully-elasticized liners really hold the liner in place
CONS to gDiapers "little gpants":
  • snap-in liners mean you have to take extra time to prepare the gpants if it's not pre-loaded
  • waistband has sharp corners which dig in and leave red marks on baby's waist
  • back placement of aplix makes it difficult to put on
  • uses real aplix of the superstrong variety. Close the laundry tabs or else risk destroying your laundry.
  • NOT available in snaps

PROS to gDiapers "flushies" (disposable inserts) ($0.50 each not on sale, $0.36 each on sale):
  • flushable
  • compostable
  • entirely non-plastic which is great for the environement AND for doubling up inserts if necessary
  • wide inserts completely fill the gpant
CONS to gDiapers "flushies":
  • not very soft, but not really much rougher than Flip's.
  • most expensive insert unless you buy on sale (which is fairly easy to do)

I have not had an opportunity to try gCloth, as my local stores are sold out. If you would like to donate a few gCloth inserts to me so that we can try them out, please drop me a message! LOL.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is She Still a Redhead?

That seams to be the question these days, as we've passed the one year mark. Is M still a redhead? I like to think that yes, while it's not as clear when you look at the back of her head, she still has enough red to be considered a redhead.

Speaking of redheads, she did get the red-hot personality that is rumored to go with red hair. You can't tell by looking at THIS picture, but we're starting to think that perhaps she inherited her daddy's ADD. She's a climber, a runner, and down-right determined to get her way in every little thing. A challenge, for sure, but worth every minute.