Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pregnancy-Induced Idiocy, part II

Cell phones should NOT go through the washer and drier.

I went through all of the pockets twice to make sure that nothing valuable went into the washer.

Apparently I still missed the cell phone.


Monday, January 26, 2009

A Sunday Trip to the Grocery Store

Have you ever had one of those trips to the grocery store that just makes you cringe?

I thought I was setting myself up for a GOOD trip this past Sunday. It was 8am and I knew the crowds would be small. Madisonians don't like to be at the grocery store before 9:30am on a Sunday. I like to go when there's no one there, especially now that they're remodeling and the aisles are all wonky.

I was right that there weren't a lot of people there, but really, since when is it anyone but myself who really knows how to turn a simple trip to the store into a panicked moment?

Imagine me, just about 9 months pregnant, wearing a man's XL winter jacket, pushing a cart FULL of groceries frantically through the produce department in a mad dash to the bathroom. Not for the toddler. Oh, no. For me. So, I'm running, pushing the cart, chattering to A to keep her happy, and suddenly Braxton Hicks contractions hit me out of NOWHERE... on top of the "oh, what did I eat and why must it choose NOW to leave me?" feeling. I just can't seem to get to the restrooms fast enough. I start to wonder if I will even make it...then A spots the Panda licorice display and as usual chimes in with, "I want to see Panda!"

"After we go potty, honey! When we're done!"

Thankfully, all ended well and we even managed to detour AROUND the panda display on the way out. Phew.

Next week, A will stay home with C. I'm hard enough to take anywhere these days by myself!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Homemade Detergent Update

For those of you who noted my entry about homemade detergent, I'm happy to provide an update. It seems to be working very well. I'm about to make my second batch after about 6 weeks or so of 6 loads/week. Not bad! It smells lovely at first, but then the scent is gone from the clean clothes which is also very nice!

Our cat has a habit of peeing into the basement drain right next to the laundry machines, so scented detergents really make MY visit down there much more enjoyable! Maybe because of that, I'm considering trying out the laundry soap from this site:

Jenny's Simply Clean

She offers a ton of scents and it seems like her formula is essentially the same as what I made. The price seems good, too! Maybe I'll get some as a post-partum gift to myself...

One thing I have been noting this week is that my old ratty wash clothes that I use for wiping faces after meals are starting to repel water. I can only imagine this has to do with buildup of some sort. It makes me leery of using the detergent on my dipes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fish Hats

Lately, I've been really into knitting. I think it has a lot to do with being physically exhausted at the end of the day but still having a lot of mental and creative energy. I can handle sitting on the couch, watching TV, talking to C, and knitting, but getting up and doing something is almost beyond me. LOL.

Right before Christmas, I decided to make A a new hat. I came across a pattern for fish hats on knitty. They are fantastic! So, I started knitting one.

C claimed it as his right away. "Can you finish it tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow?"

So, I made A a second one.

Now, neither of them wears the fish hat. Sigh. I still think they're a lot of fun.

I've also been trying to knit C a hat for wearing around the house. The first one was made with some great yarn I found on clearance at the local yarn shop. It's a wonderful yarn both to work with and to see knit up. I love the colors and patterns. Too bad the hat was too small. Here it is on Abby.


We gave this one to our friend B.

I knit up a second one in a larger size, but it still was too small, so C won't wear it. Anyone want a hat?

The Amazing Repeating Toddler

A has hit that stage where everything she says comes out of her mouth at least three times. I really thought that this stage came much later... like at age 3 or 4! Boy, was I wrong. I feel like Homer Simpson when Bart and Lisa wanted to go to Crustyland.

"Can we go, Dad?"

"Can we go, Dad?"

"Can we go, Dad?"

"Can we go, Dad?"

"Can we go, Dad?"

"Can we go, Dad?"

LOL. Lately it's been, "Blow bubbles?" or "Play playdough?" or "Shower now?" ad nauseum. The biggest is, "What sound, mama?" She wants to know what EVERY sound she hears is. Every single one, from the furnace to the dishwasher to the cat to the neighbor's truck. I try to be patient. Really, I do! C has started saying back to her, "What do you think it is?" I think that's probably the best strategy. It puts her on the spot more instead of us.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Pregnancy-Induced Idiocy

Can I hear an "I" for Idiocy? Anyone? Anyone?

I really have turned into an idiot since getting pregnant.

Take, for example, my prowess in the kitchen. Twice last week I tried to pour a liquid from one container to another. Once, it was water into an icecube tray. Once it was mandarin oranges into a ziplock container. BOTH TIMES I overfilled the container and kept pouring. That's right. I KEPT POURING until it had been overflowing for a few seconds before that little voice in my head got loud enough for me to hear it and react.

"You're spilling!" I could tell that I was spilling. I could do nothing about it. I had a mess to clean up. Sigh.

"I" am an idiot. 3.5 weeks to go.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Week's Culinary Experiment

For Christmas, one of my mothers-in-law gifted me with a yogurt-maker. I love the thing. A eats homemade yogurt every morning for breakfast and I rest assured that her yogurt is free of all of the nasty additives that come with commercially-produced yogurt.

I, however, have been yogurtless since discovering (or rather rediscovering) my milk allergy 5 years ago. I just can't hack soy yogurts. I tried acquiring a taste for Silk soy yogurt, since I love all of the other Silk products, but after a week of eating Silk soy yogurt, I gave up.

This week I was informed that Turtle Mountain was selling a coconut milk based yogurt. Coconut milk? I could happily eat coconut milk! I can't imagine that tasting bad! I thought I'd stop at Willy or Whole Foods and pick some up to try, but being 8+ months pregnant and having a toddler and husband to manage, I haven't been able to make a trip out to the specialty markets.

SO, I decided to make my own. After searching online I found out that making coconut yogurt was as simple as making the real deal with the exception of having to add a bit of honey or sugar to feed the bacteria. Easy peasy!

Yesterday morning I set up the yogurt-maker and let it run. Coconut milk yogurt is supposed to incubate for 10 hours, but at 10 hours, my yogurt wasn't anywhere NEAR set, so I let it go another 2 hours. In retrospect, I probably should have stopped it at 10 hours, but it's by no means ruined.

In fact, it's delicious! It's a bit sour, but very coconutty! I cant' wait to put it into a pineapple banana orange smoothie this afternoon! It's a bit runny but tastes fabulous!!!!!

I highly recommend the experiment to anyone else with dairy issue. It's truly yogurty!


The smoothie was fantastic. I will totally do that again. YUM!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


When will I stop being hungry all the time? Rhetorical question, I know the answer to this one. I'll stop being hungry all the time about a year from now when the new baby starts drinking cow's milk more than mama's milk.

In the meantime, I'm ravenous! I just can't keep full! OR I'm not hungry at all and sugar-crashing, ruining everyone else's day. Sigh.

I go to the cabinet, I go to the fridge. Nothing appeals to me. But I'm hungry! Okay, maybe I'd LIKE to eat a bowl of cottage cheese. Maybe I'd like a bagel with cream cheese. Maybe I'd like a chocolate shake. Maybe I'd like a grilled cheese sandwich, or some mac n cheese. Are you noticing a trend here? Everything I want to eat is prohibited!!

Sigh. I can't even come up with something I'd be interested in eating so that I can go to the store to BUY something interesting to eat. This really sucks.

Vent over.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family Photos!

We had new family photos taken yesterday. It was wonderful, as usual. Our friend B took the pictures and she does such a great job. A really warms up to B and so we always have a large number of pictures to choose from when deciding on prints.

We wanted to get some photos done before the baby arrived to commemorate this point in our lives. It's a point where we're in between having one and two children. We know everything is about to change and we're savoring the last few weeks of being a family of three.

After the new baby arrives we'll do another set of pictures with all four of us. Then we can capture the unique look of our newborn.

Quick Christmas Update

Christmas around here was lovely. Everything was white and snowy yet the sun was out. We had a record snowfall total for December so it really felt like Christmas!

Gifting was wonderful this year, too. No one was disappointed! That's because the only person who recieved gifts was A. And what toddler is not going to be excited about ANYTHING they recieve? She loved unwrapping everything and actually loved all of the gifts inside, too. It was a really nice change to have everyone happy with the gifting.

A recieved wonderful gifts that are all right along the lines of our parenting preferences. It's always good when you can feel right about letting your child play with ALL of their gifts!