Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20 weeks and counting!

We have had a busy week! This week marks the midpoint of my second pregnancy. Along with the midpoint came our anatomical ultrasound. It was so much fun! I never want them to end! This time, our little one was very active. I had a full glass of OJ about 45 minutes before the ultrasound and the sugar went right to the baby! The tech said that our little one was very photogenic, despite the wiggling. Every measurement came back within the normal ranges and our EDD will not change any. Yay! The little one was not the most cooperative with exposing its gender, however. The final time we went back to that area to get a peek, the little squirt wouldn't even open its legs! However, we catch a few glimses and the tech was leaning one way over the other, so we have some idea. We just won't tell YOU until we have told all of our family. LOL.

La-la la-la, La-la la-la, Elmo's World....

I think I have that song permanently tattooed into my brain.

We just came back from an unplanned road trip to Arkansas, and it was a long 13 hours of driving each way. Considering that we made the trip with a partly-potty-trained toddler, it went really well. A was really patient about potty breaks and more often than not, held it until we stopped. We did have one stop where the toddler spent a leisurely 20 minutes in the bathroom, thumbing through a picture book while taking care of business. However, given the alternative of a sticky diaper, I was happy to wait.

We did choose to invest in a car DVD player for the trip, which was the key to our sanity, I think. It cost us $300 and 26 hours of listening to Elmo singing from the backseat. I did check out other videos for A to watch, but she really preferred the Elmo ones. Maybe that's for the best, as who wants to listen to 26 hours of the Wiggles?!?

Since returning home, it's been easy to slide back into our daily routines, thank goodness. The only exception has been an increased frequency in the requests for TV time. Thankfully, I'm bigger than A is so I rule the remotes. We're back to Sesame Street 3 times a week and the rare additional show when I need a moment's break.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mightly Hunter Continued.

Well, we left the traps out for another week, checking them several times a day.

As of last night, we have caught a grand total of 23 chipmunks, 1 mole, and 2 raccoons. (The raccoons both took a trip to the country and were released.) Sometimes, my husband will empty the trap and go inside for a few minutes only to come back out and find another tennant in the trap again. It's absolutely crazy.

We're pretty sure that we've eliminated the ones that were living in our yard and are now dealing with new ones coming in from our neighbors. It's time to seal up the holes on our property and apply some predator urine to mark the boundaries of our lot to keep new chipmunks from entering.

The crazy thing about all of this is that we don't live in the country. We live in the suburbs. Our neighbors' yards are 6-10" from the sides of our house. Why do we have so much wildlife all of a sudden?!?

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Trip to the Park

A few days ago I took A to one of the local parks. Our town is full of parks. We could walk to the one just a block away, but some of the others have better playgrounds in them, so we often go to a different park a bit further away. This one is A's favorite.

We spent a lot of time on the slide, as expected. A learned to go up the stairs and down the slide all by herself, with confidence! It was great.

She didn't much care for the swing, but then again, she never does!

And for the first time EVER, she went into the sandbox willingly! It was amazing.

We spent a lot of time picking up rubber mulch and taking off her shoes to empty them. We had a blast and stayed for an hour. I just wish this park was the one on our block! WE'd be there every afternoon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in diapers... UGH.

So we're back in diapers this week. Not only that, but they're disposables! NO! Say it isn't so! Poor kid.

She was doing pretty well in her cloth training pants, but two days ago came down with some sort of stomach bug. After handwashing three of her nicer trainers/diapers in the toilet, I made the executive decision to put her in paper again. She's still telling us when she needs to go most of the time, but when she doesn't get there in time, it's not as messy to clean up!

I am really hoping to be back into cloth trainers again this weekend. Disposables really don't hold up well to the repeated opening and closing that comes with potty use. I'm too cheap to buy PullUps when we have two packs of paper dipes left over from our previous daycare fiasco. Especially as she's only using 1-2 a day and we won't go through them before we're back in cloth.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Mighty Chipmunk Hunter

We have chipmunks. Every morning, they're the loudest critter on the block. Every time we mow the lawn we find another hole. My husband has been trying to minimize their impact on our lawn and house for months now without success. When we discovered that they had 3 holes chewed into the side of our house along with one under the garage and one under the patio, we decided it was time to fight dirty.

I thought we had only 2-3 living in our yard.

Want to guess at how many my husband has caught in the last 8 days? C'mon, take a guess... The number is truly frightening if you consider that we probably haven't caught them all.

As of this morning, the count is up to 13!!!

That's 13 chipmunks in 8 days. Talk about a thriving colony living with us. Well, it WAS thriving... but for the past three mornings, it's been quiet in the yard!