Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Birthday Baby

My youngest recently turned 4.  For her birthday, she asked me to knit her a babydoll.  I asked, "Knit or sewn?"  Knit.  She was absolutely certain she wanted a knitted baby.  I researched some knitting patterns and offered her a choice of three patterns that I thought would all be workable.  Again with absolute certainty, she chose Susan B. Anderson's baby doll pattern.  Those of you on can find the pattern here.  I've had the pattern for a few years now and never knit from it so it was a great time to try. 

We dug around in my stash and found some undyed Kona DK.  I thought that would be perfect and was sure that Kool Aid wouldn't fail me in that perfect peach color.  By the way, have you ever thought about why you can't buy yarn in that perfect fleshtone color?  I hadn't until I dyed some up and realized that no one in their right mind would knit a sweater the same color as their skin.  Hee hee!

So M and I spent an afternoon mixing Kool Aid and yarn and came up with a lovely peach number that I thought would be perfect.  Two days later, when it had dried, I asked M to help me wind it so that we could start her baby and she broke down into tears.  "But I wanted a brown baby!"  Sigh.  Light or dark brown?  Dark. Thankfully, has a nice dark brown in their Swish DK palette.

The yarn arrived and upon opening the box, M cried again.  "I didn't want dark brown!"  Insert head-smack here.  After a bit of discussion, I got her to remember that she had in fact specified dark brown.  All would be well with the baby as long as she could have the requested pink hair on it.  Pink hair?  Why yes, pink hair.  My husband thought I was nuts for allowing it, but really, I thought it had potential and if it kept the birthday girl happy, I was happy.

After about two weeks of work, this is the resulting baby:


The undies are actually based on the Eviepants All in One pattern by Marilyn Porter.   I didn't see the point in knitting flat undies and stitching up the sides.  Knitting in the round is SO much easier for me.  They fit perfectly!  The dress is not the dress from the doll pattern. It's an improvised pattern.  

All in all, I was pleased with how it turned out.  Unfortunately, someone gave M a cheap vinyl Disney Baby Princess doll for her birthday and as usual, the cheap plastic toy outshines the homemade one.  Grumble.  Well, at least *I* am pleased with the project!

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