Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pattern Lost!

Oh sad, sad, day.  I went down to my work room with the intent to sew up two new dollies and lo and behold, the pattern is nowhere to be found.  I was hoping to find the pattern I  used on these two fellows, but no such luck!  I'll have to redraw it, based on photos, since neither of these two stayed here. 


Jenny Schroeder said...

That IS a sad day. Imagining just how bad it is to recreate a pattern to something you have perfected - I will risk sounding very corny.... Did you put in a little prayer to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things? As a former Catholic, I still call on him for help finding things :)

TheCraftyQueen said...

Jenny, too funny! I used to offer up that prayer quite frequently, and did find that it helped. This time, no luck. But I did manage to recreate the pattern, and improve upon it, I think.

harada57 said...
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