Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Projects List, Refreshed

I've been working hard to get through a bunch of projects this month.  It is the gifting season and everyone loves gifts!

I have finished:
  • stuffed monsters for the birthday party
  • A's birthday hat
  • my slouchy hat
  • longies for M with BBR's Joyce's Choice
  • a holiday gift for my  knitter's group
  • a set of mittens for my nephew, which shrank in the washer and were turned into coasters
  • pink and black pants for wearing with M's favorite tutu dress
  • the last set of fingerless mitts for my farmer friends
  • two pair of longies for M, one with cestari fine and one with wool from my friends' sheep
Yet to do this month:
  1. cowl for MIL
  2. holiday elf doll
  3. slippers for C
  4. mittens for A
  5. longies for M: KoolAid-dyed UFO pants, and my surprise yarn set.
  6. stuffed toys for the kids' stockings
  7. dog sweater
  8. Christmas stockings for C and I
 It's only a FEW more items than I can realistically finish.... snicker.... We'll see what gets done!

And here are the finished project pic for some of the above:

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