Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Never-Ending Project List

As I come to the close of my current knitting project, it's time to decide what will be next.  I like to think about this before I finish my current project because often I'll need a few days to wash, dry, and cake up the yarn for the next project.  Planning ahead by 3 days means I won't have down time between projects unless I want it.  This time, as I finish up a pair of longies for my youngest, I find myself conflicted as to what should be next.

As a way to calm myself down enough to pick a project, I decided to write out all of the projects that I've been throwing around this fall.  In an old fashioned Pro and Con list, I came up with 14 projects and 4 UFOs to finish.  It's no wonder I was having a hard time figuring out what needed to come next!  Without further ado, here is the current list of projects that I'd like to pick from.

New Projects:
  1. Mittens for A
  2. 1-2 sweaters for A
  3. Longies for M out of Ellyl yarn
  4. Longies for M out of Irish Meadow  yarn
  5. Stuffed monsters for A's bday bash
  6. Dog sweater
  7. Hat for C's client
  8. Mittens for C
  9. Hat for A (she only has balaclavas!)
  10. Coasters for the living room
  11. Dishrags (a gift truly for myself)
  12. Mittens for M
  13. Slippers for A (I have had the leather soles for 3 years, waiting for her to grow into them!)
  14. Sweater for myself (I don't have ANY sweaters that I made for me.)
  1. Turn M's pink footies into longies
  2. Crocheted yarn bag (I have the squares all done, just needs assembly)
  3. My cardigan (I stopped working on it when C told me the color was not good for my complexion.)
  4. My mittens (horrible pattern, horrible fit.  needs severe re-working!)

The question now is what to do next?  I have the yarn on-hand for probably every single one of those projects.  Which is most important?  Which is most time-sensitive?  Who's begging the loudest?  I'm pretty sure I left something out, too....

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Steph said...

i'd assemble the crocheted yarn bag! i think that sounds so cool AND i want to see the finished product. how long would that take, do you think?