Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Yarny Update

Things have been busy in my knitting life lately. I've had a very full schedule and it's been a lot of fun.  Well, for the most part.  See below.

This month, I worked on finishing up the yarn-testing for Shady Blue Acres.  I really enjoyed that project and look forward to working with more of their yarn when I take my payout.  It was really great to find a local yarn that I think might work really well for bullet-proof longies for my little Princess Linebacker.

Also, I am working my way through a custom order that is so far out from what I normally do that the change of pace has been a real eye-opener.  For this project, I'm knitting solid color longies with accent stripes at the cuffs and a duplicate stitch on the bum.  I'm knitting with a wool-blend yarn, as the recipient is potty-training and doesn't need full soaker protection.  While the wool-blend yarn split a little and caused me to have to drop back and redo stitches from time to time, I really do like the way it looks and feels once knit up.  It's silky and soft and the stitches are really even in a way you can't get with yarns like Blackberry Ridge or Cestari Fine.  Overall, other than the typical complaint of knitting with black yarn at night, it was a good project for me.  Please overlook the lovely flash photography...

Also on the needles this month were M's "hoohoo pants."  Last year I had knit her a pair of pants with owls on the pockets.  She loved them and wore them a LOT.   Sadly, this year, she no longer fit them, so away they went.  We were all sad they were going, but agreed that the proceeds would fund a new pair of hoohoo pants that would fit her this winter.  So I dyed up some yarn and picked up my needles and came up with this set.

My husband and I did a lot of online research while designing these.  we wanted something cute, but different from the standard owl cable.  I was fairly pleased with the results and ecstatic when I found the matching shirt in a box of hand-me-downs from  her sister.  Upon presenting the set to M, I discovered that while I loved it, she did not.  After a bit of convincing, we got her to try on the pants only to discover that the child had grown during the three weeks I was working on the longies and they no longer fit her hips and waist.  Good grief!  So, they've been traded for $70 worth of yarn.  

The last project that I worked on this month was a set of footed longies for a knitting friend.  She was gracious enough to send to me as working yarn a Purewool colorway that has long been on my "lust list" but never in my shopping cart since it is a fairly boyish color.  This is what I knit up for her:

It was great working with the colorway, Doni.  I loved it and realize now, that with the right embellishment, it can totally be done for a girl.  Yay!
Next on the needles will be a new set of longies for M, since I discovered that she only has two pairs, neither of which were knit by me!  It's her last year in longies and I want her to have something that Mama made for her with lots of love.  I recently traded her scrappy longies (the ones that Daddy didn't like) for a much sought-after set of colorway and trim to make her a new pair of longies.  They're Mosaic Moon's "Ellyll" colorway and I think they'll be just right... if I can convince her to wear them!!!!!

This is probably not the best picture of the colorway.  It seems a bit more orange than it is in real life. It's really a deep, dark purple with greens, brown, aqua, and lighter purple mixed in.  Here is the picture from the dyer's gallery.  Even that picture doesn't do it justice.

I also have Mosaic Moon's "Irish Meadow" sitting on my shelves that could become a pair of "hoohoo pants."  I'm also leaning towards decorating the pockets on them with dandelion flowers. I think M would really like that a lot.  If I can pull it off, that would give M 2 pairs of longies that I knit for her myself and I think I could rest happily then. 

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