Thursday, October 20, 2011

Doing the Potty Thing

A week ago, I came across a potty chart on Pinterest.  It was cute and I'd been kind of contemplating working one up, so I printed it off and took it home for M.  I didn't figure it would do a whole lot for her, but I figured it might help her move from 2-3 potties a week to maybe 5 or 6. 

I guess I was wrong.  We were sitting in the dining area eating dinner while talking about the chart and planning out how we might organize the payouts when M say, "Mimi pee pee, yeah!"  So, I got up and took her to the loo.  Who knew what we were starting?  Not us!

Now, a week later, she has earned over 80 stickers!  Granted, she gets one for recognizing that it was time to go potty, one for peeing, and two for pooping, but that's still a LOT of trips to the potty.  And for all of that, only 3 times has she been wrong about needing to go.  Plus, she's only been using 2-3 diapers/trainers per day, one of which is for naptime.  Go, M!  I finally have a sense that we're on the road towards big girl undies.  It's a relief!

For those of you interested in where I found my chart, here is the link.  I finally started printing them 4 to a page because we were going through them quickly. 

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