Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New Space

This past week we were blessed to have the company of my mother in law.  She's a wonderful person who we all adore and her visits are always a whirlwind of fun and productivity.

This visit, we had three goals:
Set up my work room
Clean out the garage
Have a garage sale

Wouldn't you know, we managed all three?  We are much lighter in the "random crap" department and have gained not only our garage sale profits, but also a work room in the basement and space in our garage!  We are amazed at how much these projects changed our life for the better.  I, of course, adore having a dedicated art space again and DH is already contemplating how to fill my half of the garage with his excercise equipment.  Hmmm...  Maybe I need to ask him where he plans on parking his car this winter.

Anyhow, here is my new work space.  Not pictured is a child-sized desk for the girls, the spare TV and stand, and a china hutch with my Cabbage Patch softies.  I didn't figure those things were all that exciting to anyone but us. 

My lovely Miss A helped pick out the paper color for my bin labels (orange and purple) and I hope to get both kids involved in painting the walls and work benches.  So far, I seem to be the only one who likes the big table, though.  The kids fought over who got to use the little plastic child's desk and left me alone at the big table.  Maybe I need to plan a big, messy craft and insist that we do it at my table to make them like the big table.  Or do I really want to share?

I'd like to make space to move the children's art supplies over into my work room, but so far, I'm not sure how I'll do it.  I need to keep the scissors, crayons, glue, and of course, the markers well out of M's reach if I want to avoid any more toddler body art, so I'll have to set it up with higher shelves.  I think it's doable, with a little wiggling.

In other news, I have a guest vendor slot lined up for www.hyenacart.com at the end of the month.  I'm really excited about this and have finished 2 of 3 planned projects.  I'm about 99% done  with the last one, but haven't found myself in the right frame of mind to make that last connection to finish it.  It will be done on time, I'm sure.  I have the second ear knit up already, I just haven't attached it.  Talk about Lazy, with a capital L.  I had originally thought I was knitting a 6-12 months size, but I think it's actually 12-18.  Since it's for sale, that's just fine.  I really love how it turned out, but I will likely NEVER do another.  That loop stitch was a time-suck!.

Also on Hyenacart, my knitting patterns will be hosted by Apple Orchard Congo. They're still available for free, so it's not a wildly profitable venue for me, but building a good reputation for my patterns might mean that I will be able to charge actual money for any future patterns.  Since our finances could use a boost, that is a good thing.

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