Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have really been having a LOT of fun with the boxer brief pattern.  It's so easy to come up with a successful project!  I have yet to really go wrong with it.  Sure, I made a few construction snafus, but overall, I'm pleased with each and every pair of girly boxer briefs.  I had spent $18 at Joann's this week to buy a few things to make some undies and later went to St. Vincent DePaul for a few more shirts to cut up.  I lucked out in that our SVDP has a very large bin of children's clothing marked at just 10 cents per item.  Yep, 10 cents.  It used to be 5 cents, but last month inflation struck.  LOL.

Here are some of the undies I have made: 

These are 2T-3T, the back is in the first picture, the front in the next.


These are all size 2T/3T as well.  Again, backside first.


Here are all three toddler/preschooler sizes that I have worked up.  They are essentially 2T/3T, 4-5T, and 6.


Here is the backside of the 4T.  They were sewn with standard underwear elastic rather than FOE.
This pair is a medium, so I'd say 5-6.  It's the same pattern as the butterflies above, but with a stretchier fabric.  My 41lb kid says they fit her great, but personally, I think a slightly roomier pair would serve her better.

And the original trial pair.

Once I've made enough pairs to fill out my children's drawers, I'll work on sizing up the pattern to fit me.  I want some fun undies! 

August 16th, 2011
Here are another set of 2T/3T undies I finished.  Three pairs went to a friend for her daughter, the other stayed with us as it was a seconds-quality piece.  For some reason, the leg seams didn't line up!

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