Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rah Ahn!

The girls and I have been reading The Raggedy Ann Stories and The Raggedy Andy Stories at bedtime this month.  They both really enjoyed Raggedy Ann, but M doesn't seem to have any interest at all in Raggedy Andy.  I'd say it was an attention span thing rather than a sexist thing, but honestly, even I found the Raggedy Ann stories more engaging.  They're a bit more fleshed out and entertaining.

When my mother let us know she was coming to visit this month, I asked her to please bring along my old Raggedy Ann dolls and so, just like in the story, A and M now have Raggedy Ann dolls that have been in storage for 30 years.  And just like in the story, Grandma and Mama had to stitch and sew Raggedy Ann back to health and give her a warm bath.  Needless to say, the girls loved it.  M runs around asking for "Rah Ahn!"  Thanks, Mom!

PS, can you tell which RA has had her bath and which one has yet to take the plunge?

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