Friday, August 5, 2011

Boxer Briefs, episode 2

When I finished sewing up the prototype of the boxer brief pattern last night, I placed the new pair of undies outside the door of my girls' bedroom.  At 6:30am this morning, I awoke to the words, "Mimi, E-E-O unnahware?  E-E-O eat banana?"  There was a pair of monkey underwear held up to my nose, blocking all view of the excited 2 year old behind them.


"Are these monkey underwear for me?  The monkeys are eating bananas on them!"

She loved them.  An hour later, she wet them and we went on to pair number 2.  Those also lasted only an hour or so, but were a big hit!

I plan on making a few more pairs tonight after the girls go to bed and before my knitting time.  I'm really liking these little undies!  My elder daughter has requested a few pairs and I know I want some...

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