Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Updates

I am behind in blogging.  Very behind.  In an effort to make you less bored by reading a month's worth of entries, I'll condense a few stories into a few short lines:

  • M's ears are no longer filled with fluid.  The ENT does not want to place tubes.  BUT M is still testing out to possibly have a mild hearing loss.  It was hard to pinpoint, since she's so young.  Does she really understand the rules of the hearing test games?
  • The dog is still reasonably well.  We did have a $55 vet visit yesterday after A accidentally stepped on him.  All's well, though.  After some anti-inflammatory medication, he decided he felt well enough to eat again.
  • School registration for A is this week.  It's hard to believe that she'll be starting 4K in a month.  For those of you long out of the school system, 4K is the same thing we all went to when we were 5 years old.  We called it kindergarten.  Now, they do it at age 4 and it's called 4K or Wings.
  • I have been knitting up a storm again.  It suddenly dawned on me that if I wanted the kids to have sweaters for the fall, I had to have them done by October.  Yeah, it's only July now, but I also have two, maybe three, custom orders coming for August.  Here are some pics of my two latest projects.  The patterns for the sweaters below are Flora, Springtime in Hollis, and Ivyanna.

  • Due to a triple mixup on the part of myself, my client, and the pattern-maker, I get to reknit a sweater for no pay whatsoever
  • Potty-training continues to go along at the usual stop/start rate.  One day she does great, the next I worry about having to put her back into diapers.  I honestly think that now is the time for all of her caregivers to get on the same page, but everyone else has a lot of backtracking to do since they trained her to continue peeing into a diaper while I was training her that Mama-time was Potty-time.  Yesterday was my day, and we had one pee accident, one poo accident, and the rest made it to the potty.  Today is Daddy's day and it will likely be a 1 pee in the potty, the rest in the diaper.  I keep reminding myself that she's only 2 and a half.  It's okay to still be working on this.
And there you have it!  Those are some of the top stories in our lives this month.  Enjoy!

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