Monday, June 6, 2011

The Ever-Growing Dog

I took Frank in to the vet on Friday to weigh him and get his next heartworm pill.  I had thought that by 7 months old his growth would have slowed somewhat.  Yes, I knew he was still growing, but had thought that he was slowing down.  Maybe he still is if we consider his weight gain in percentages rather than direct pounds put on. 

Still, I had not guessed that he would have gained another 5.5lbs in the past month.  That crazy dog is now 29.8lbs!!!  He's definitely going to be a bigger dog than we thought we were adopting.  Seeing as how he's now the top end of what we were hoping for, there's no way he'll be anything BUT larger than expected. 

Going back to some of the adult size estimation equations we hunted out this spring and adding in the latest two weight measurements:

(weight in lbs / age in weeks) * 52 weeks = adult weight in lbs = 51.5lbs
Weight in lbs at 6 months of age / 0.75 = bottom end of adult range = 33.5lbs
Weight in lbs at 6 months of age / 0.60 = top end of adult range = 41.5lbs

I think we can throw the middle one out, since he's got another year or so of growth until he reaches his adult weight and somehow I can imagine him gaining only 3 more pounds.  I'd also LIKE to throw the first one out, but somehow I think I ought to consider it a possibility.  Here's hoping for a 40lb dog!!! 

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