Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our 6 Month Old Puppy: another "what is he" guess

As Frank gets older, he continues to grow, and grow, and grow!  And as he grows, we continue to wonder, "Frank, what are you and how big will you be?" 

At 5.75 months, we took him to the vet for yet another round of digestive upset.  This time, he was so sick he was spewing from both ends and unable to contain himself for the time we were inside at the vet.  Poor boy.  We've just decided, after another $300 in testing, that he's sensitive.  No matter what we do, he will probably be nothing other than sensitive to every little thing he should or shouldn't be eating.  We'll have to be extra vigilant about EVERYTHING that gets left on the floor or in a low trashcan.  Regardless, the reason I bring up the vet is that he was weighed one more time. 

At this visit to the vet, he was 24.3lbs.  Two weeks prior, he had weighed in at 22.6lbs.  So, needless to say, the mutt is still growing.  When I measured his height at 5 1/2 months old, he was 15.5" tall.  For reference, standard sizes for beagles are around 20-25lbs and 15" at the shoulder.  Beagles continue to grow until they are 18-24 months old.  He's not done growing.  Oh boy! 

Taking another spin around the internet, I came across a website that was giving out advice for estimating adult size based on puppy measurements.  This website, and another I found that day, told me to expect his weight and height to be about 60-75% of his adult size when the puppy is 5-6 months old.  Let's do some math again, shall we?

puppy weight = .60 x adult weight
24lbs (rounding down) = .60 x adult weight
adult weight = 24lbs/0.6
adult weight =  40lbs

Working the math a second time with the more conservative 75% calculations, I still get a reasonable size for Frank.

adult weight = 24/0.75
adult weitht = 32lbs

So Frank ought to top out at 32-40lbs.  Is that what the calculations have been saying all along?  I can hardly remember!  Regardless, seeing his "new" guestiated adult size, I began to wonder one more time, "what is he?"  Well, what could he be?  Which breeds are larger than a beagle but not so striking in their appearance as to overshadow the beagle part of his breeding?

Enter, the labrador.  For a while, various people at various times have pointed out to me that Frank looks to have some labrador in him..  Labrador?  You must be joking.  He's much too small to be a Labrador mix.  But is he?  I looking at Labrador/Beagle mixes, or Labbes or Beagadors, I find that the average labbe dog is 33-40lbs.  They can be yellow, black, or beagle colored.  They sniff like a beagle, but bark more like a labrador.  This starts to sound a lot more like Frank the more I look into it. 

Then I ran an image search.  It seems that most labbes on the web are yellow or black.  But a few popped up with Frank's black and tan coloring.  A few.  Then I found this blog, and forgive me for linking to your blog, but I wanted to share just how much your dog resembles dear Frank.  Does that look like anyone you've seen around here before?

I believe we may finally have a winner!  It's really rather interesting as the other puppy that Frank was found with looks much more like the other Labbe pictures I found on the internet.  He was slightly larger than Frank and mostly black.  I used to think that they couldn't be litter mates but now I'm not so sure.  If they were both Labbes, then perhaps Steve resembled one parent while Frank resembled the other.  This is all purely speculation, of course, as we'll never really know the truth. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks JUST like our dog, she is 6 months old and weighs 22 lbs. Our Lily is Beagle and Australian Shepherd.