Friday, May 27, 2011

A Disasterous Afternoon

I took the girls someplace public today as part of Daddy's father's day gift.  We're working on a surprise project, and part of it required some professional services.  Normally, I can take my kids out in public and they don't embarrass with poor behavior.  They're good girls.  Smart, kind, outgoing, etc.  Today was an exception.

I can't say it's all their fault.  Really, I can't.  It was one of those "too much planned" afternoons and both children started it all off with a cupcake and ice cream morning followed by a late lunch and no nap.  The only part of that lineup that I'll take blame for was the no nap.  School served the cupcakes as a last day treat at 10:45am.  Neither child was hungry at 11:15 when we had 20 minutes to eat before an 11:45am doctor's appointment for an ear infection.  Daddy had forgotten his lunch and we decided to take it to him and do some other fun things in the big city, but since Daddy had to go across town at 1:30pm, we had to get to him before then.  By the time we ate, it was 2pm.  M spilled her lunch all over the floor at the mall, so there was not quite as much food to go around as planned, too. 

By the time we got to the professional, whose services we had hired, M was in NO mood to cooperate.  She kept trying to storm out of the room, threw things, and laid down and cried.  My bad for scheduling it during what is most days her nap time, but many days, she avoids napping the entire time she's in her room, so how was I to know that today she needed one?!

After we finally gave up on the whole activity and were using the computer to check out what we HAD managed to accomplish with Miss Fussypants, we hear A say to M, "go on in there, lie down."  I looked over, and A was holding the computer cabinet open for M to crawl inside.  Just as I said, "No, M!  Don't!" she did.  Yup, she turned OFF the computer, and it was all lost before saving.  

The little stinker. 

Yep, I won't be doing THAT activity again.  I had to apologize about 20 times to the staff.  It was a huge disaster. 

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Jenny Schroeder said...

Oh I am so sorry, that sounds awful. I hope you were kind to yourself last night!