Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 6

Week 6 was rather momentous.  Frank returned to puppy social hour on Friday night after two weeks away and that night, he fell ill again.  I spent the night outside with him while he handled the messy end of things.  The vet said the giardia was not showing up anymore, so that was cleared up.  Likely, it was a reaction to having eaten something he shouldn't have.  Since we could easily list at least two things he got into this week (cat poop and dried flowers) it was no wonder he was sick.  $150 later, he's back on antibiotics, probiotics, and a special diet.  And yet, despite his gastric upset, we have not had any indoor elimination accidents in over a week.  He's learned to ring the bell or bark when he wants to go outside, even when sick.  I am beyond impressed with our little dude.

The good news of the week is that we now know how old Frank is.  He lost two teeth yesterday!  Congrats, Woofcake!  You're 16 weeks old now!  That puts his birthday on November 2nd.  He was 10 weeks old when we adopted him, and 7 weeks old when the shelter took him in.  We all feel much better knowing  how old he is now.  We can get his rabies shot next week at his appointment and then go get his city tags.

Plus, we have a better idea of how big he'll be when fully grown.  The formula I was using before to calculate his adult growth puts him at around 40lbs.  That in and of itself would be frightening if our vet hadn't said that a 4 month old beagle is about half his adult weight, which would put Frank closer to 27lbs, which is right where we wanted him to be.  Hooray!

Frank and Pinky seem to have found a balance as well.  They got off to a much better start than we had anticipated, so it's really no wonder that they're settling in so well.  These days, 90% of their time together is devoted to playing, 8% is spent ignoring each other, and 2% is spent testing the waters of resting close to each other.  I think that they're good for each other.

And look, the cat is now smaller than the dog!  The puppy has doubled his weight since we brought him home.

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Jenny Schroeder said...

So sweet! I think Pinky will come to love the attention that Frank will give him. Really!