Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 4 With Dog

We are now officially done with our 4th week with Frank.  What a week it was!  In short:

  • Frank is starting to signal when he wants to go outside.
  • We're down to only 1 or so accidents a week, our fault.
  • Frank is mostly sleeping through the night.
  • We're still working on Sit, Stay, Come, Wind, Rewind, Lie Down, and Drop It.  We're beginning to add in Down, Off, and No.  
  • Leash behavior is improving, with lots of work. 
  • The vet says that either Frank is still not 16 weeks old or his tooth development is delayed from the norm.  Since tooth development is usually VERY consistent across all breeds, he favors Frank actually being a full month younger than the shelter led us to believe.
  • Giardia is in the house.
Have you ever dealt with giardia?  Let me just say that I never want to deal with it again.  EVER.  The poor dog was leaking from both ends and it wasn't pretty.  Thankfully, his house-training held and he actually signaled that he needed to go out even when he was at his most sick.   I'm $250 poorer after a trip to the animal ER, but Frank is pulling through.

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