Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 3 Done

We have now been owned by Frank for 3 full weeks.  Amazingly, it feels like it's been MUCH MUCH longer.  Really.  Three weeks seems so incredibly short.  I feel the urge to look at my calendar to make sure it's only been 3 weeks.

Frank has certainly had a good run of it so far.  We're down to only 1-2 accidents a week, which is wonderful.  We were getting full nights of sleep last week, but this past week it's been 1-2 wakeups a night.  I really can't complain too much, though.  We no longer have piddle pads on the floor and feel comfortable leaving him out in the living room when we're not focusing on him.  We do, however, focus on the clock and make sure he goes out every hour when he's awake.

Over the past two days, a winter dumped an unmeasurable amount of snow on us.  I say we can't measure it because it was tiny flakes and the wind has created drifts and valleys.  Needless to say, it was somewhere around 18" of snow.  During the night last night, I had a very hard time getting out to let Frank eliminate, but this morning, after my husband cleared a few paths through the yard the fun was ready to begin.  Frank LOVES the snow.  He bounds through it like a bunny.  It really is a treat to see.  He has to come in after about 5 minutes and warm up for a bit, but then he's back at it.

I sometimes find myself frustrated with the hound part of Frank.  He sniffs everything.  Literally everything.  I can't go for more than 10 feet of walk with him without a sniff stop.  That in and of itself isn't all that annoying, but it makes house-training difficult.  It's really hard to tell whether he's sniffing the carpet because it smells good or because he's looking for a new spot to decorate with urine.  

Week three feels like a really successful week.  Frank weighed in at 10lbs on Friday. We still don't know how old he is, as he's got all of his baby teeth still.  We're no closer to knowing how large he will be when fully grown, but we know that we love him enough that we don't much care how big he'll be. I feel like we're starting to have a new member of the household rather than a time-sucking obligation.  I still find myself spending large bits of time on the floor just staring at the dog, but I find that rather enjoyable and much less stressful than worrying over whether the dishes are done or not.  That having been said, I can see from where I sit that the dishes have NOT been done in the past 2 hours.

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