Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week Two, Complete

What a good dog we have.  How many puppies under 4 months old are as good as ours?  How many sleep through the night?  Our trainer says it's not normal for a puppy his age to sleep all night.  He thinks we should take Frank out in the night.  Me, I say, "don't wake a sleeping baby."  I learned that lesson with my first child.  I woke her every 2 hours to feed her, just as the doctors told me to.  It took me 6 more months to break her of that habit afterwards.  I am NOT doing that again.

Frank really has settled in very nicely.  He's staked out his favorite spots to snooze in, such as under the coffee table, next to our lazyboys.  It's really wonderful to look down and see him there in the evenings.  We're down to one accident a week, usually our fault for not remembering he needed to go out.  We plan to work this week on teaching him to signal his needs by ringing a bell.  We'll see if it works.

Frank learned to climb the basement stairs yesterday, too.  C had tried to teach him to climb earlier in the week and Frank was having none of it.  Yesterday, we were all coming up from playtime and when the cat ran up the stairs, the dog took off after him.  All the way up the stairs he went, never pausing, never looking back.  Hooray!

We're almost done switching Frank's food over to the new brand.  We probably could have been done with this a few days ago, but we still have some of the old food left and I'm not one to waste it.  We'll be done with the swtich by the end of this week, I hope.

Also done are the antibiotics Frank was on.  I'm glad that I don't have to remember to dose him twice a day anymore.  He was good about taking them, but it's always a hassle to remember them after each meal.  With kids around, and working part-time, space in my short-term memory banks can be in short supply.

Totally on a side note, did you know that Beagles are known to change their color, sometimes throughout their entire lives?  No, really!  Tricolor beagles are always born black and white, with the brown developing later, mostly during the first twelve months.   It's so common that breeders are allowed to change the color notation on a dog's papers up to three times before they have to state a final color.  Pretty cool, huh?  So, with the question still out there of how much beagle is in Frank, we have decided to take comparison pictures over the next six months or so to see if he'll brown up any.  Here is our first comparison.   The picture on the right was taken by the shelter between 2 and 4 weeks before the picture on the left.  Seems to me that our little pooch is lightening up quite a bit.  What do you think?

Puppy classes are going very well.  On Friday, A's preschool teacher surprised us by showing up at Puppy Social Hour with her new puppy.  We didn't know she was going to adopt one.  That's not entirely true, I guess.  She had expressed interest in doing so but had seemed reluctant to go to the shelter due to an overly-generous heart.  "I can't go into those kennels and come home alone."  Luckily for her, she didn't have to.  She went to the Humane Society to drop off the preschool's donation and while there, asked to be put on a list for a small breed puppy.  Lo and behold, they had two dachshund puppies available, just 11 weeks old.  It was fate, as both her current dog and her recently-passed dogs are dachshunds!  We were all very happy for her and have enjoyed seeing them both at Social Hour.

On a related side note, while at the shelter Mrs.P happened to mention to the staff that she knew us and was telling them how well Frank was doing.  She then decided to ask the staff how Frank had been given his name.  It turns out that Frank and Steve are the two janitors at the shelter and the pups were named after them.  C and I found that entirely too amusing and it makes us love his name all the more.

When you adopt a pet from the shelter, you can't help but wonder why such a wonderful animal was still there, waiting for you when you came looking.  Who else looked at them but passed them by?  Who else was considered as a potential family but turned down?  How could such a beautiful animal have been given up?  We'll never have answers to most of those questions, and I guess that's all part of the mystery and draw of a shelter animal.  We'll never know why Frank was given up, but we'll always know he waited for us.   

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ronaround74 said...

Glad to hear that Frank is being such a good puppy! Does he know how to go down the stairs yet? I remember that my mom's dog figured out pretty quickly how to go up, but it was a little while (not too long - a few days to maybe a week) before he learned how to go down, so we'd keep having to retrieve him from the top of the staircase. :)