Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our First Full Week as Dog-Owned

Well, our first week has come to an end.  Frank has come a long way in the short time he's been with us.  At his first vet appointment, the day after we adopted him, he weighed in at 7.5lbs. That's more than the shelter had told us, but not drastically so.  While at the vet, we learned a few more things about Frank that we didn't know.

First, the vet was pretty sure Frank is a beagle.  When I asked him what other breeds might be in the mix, he said, "you know, I've seen purebred beagles come in here who looked just like him, so I'd be hard-pressed to say.  He might be all beagle."  That was a surprise to us.  The shelter had said he was a hound/labrador mix, but we didn't believe them.  We thought he'd end up around 25lbs and the vet agreed, thankfully.

Secondly, we learned that Frank was not as old as the shelter had thought.  They had estimated his age at 14 weeks but the vet said that couldn't be right based on his teeth. We're to keep an eye on his baby teeth and note when he loses his top front teeth and mark that as his 14 week age.  As of today, he still has those baby teeth, so that puts Frank somewhere closer to 12 weeks old when we adopted him.  That meant that the vet couldn't vaccinate him for Rabies yet.  Apparently he has to be at least 14 weeks old.

It's amazing to think that he's only 12-13 weeks old.  It seems like in the 8 days we've had him, he's gone from looking like he's all puppy to looking like he's just a small dog.  His legs have leaned out and his torso is so much longer.  We weren't initially intending to adopt a puppy, so in the end it's fine that he's becoming a dog.  At the same time, though, we have really enjoyed his puppy self and will be sad to see him grow up.  We had no idea how irresistible a puppy could be.

By Friday, Frank was back at the vet for bloody stools.  He was otherwise fine and had gained another half pound in weight, so I wasn't too worried, but knew that with a puppy, it was something to consider getting checked.  They ran tests for giardia and other parasites.  It had been done earlier in the week but they paid closer attention this time since there was an issue.  They even gave poor Frank an internal exam to make sure there wasn't anything lodged in his colon. Poor boy didn't like that much, but he survived and got a clean bill of health, excepting the high bacteria count in his stool.  After a few days on antibiotics, he's doing fine.

As for housetraining, Frank is making HUGE improvements.  When he first arrived, he was having about 3 accidents a day, both in the kitchen and on the carpet.  Now, as long as I'm on top of things, we're down to one accident about every 36 hours or so.  Generally, these accidents happen when I have a full house in the evenings.  There's only so much multi-tasking a gal can do before you lose track of one of the tasks for a moment.  That's when the pee-monster strikes.  Child or dog, they always pee when you're looking at something else. As I type this, we're going on 48 hours accident-free!

Frank has also improved a lot as far as nights go.  We ordered our crate on Saturday and of course it's still not here, but a few nights ago we had a brain-fart.  We realized we could create a much smaller space for Frank at nights by using the Play-yard supergates.  He now sleeps in a square of play yard that has been further sectioned off with a spare segment of play yard.  It's enough room for his bed and 1sq foot of open space.  So far, he's woken us up each night to go out rather than electing to pee in that open space.  Hooray!  Last night, he even let me sleep until 4am.  It was decadent!  Our official crate shipped yesterday via UPS, so hopefully we'll have a better set-up for him by Sunday.  I hope. 

Otherwise, life is good here with Frank.  He's learning to drop the toys he steals from the girls, but hasn't yet learned not to steal them.  I consider it part of the learning curve.  The girls need to learn to clean up and the dog needs to learn what's off limits.  Until then, we'll have a few cries of, "Frank!  Give it back!"

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