Friday, October 22, 2010

Knitting Stitch Encyclopedia

BKW, please forgive me, but I may have just found a new best friend in the realm of knitting stitch encyclopedia. 
I just found an online stitch encyclopedia that sorts stitches both alphabetically and by stitch number.

It will never be as portable as my paper copies of BKW's Knitting Stitch Encyclopedias, but for a fast search of what stitches will fit my project, I may turn to my new online friend!

Well, here it is!

The one drawback to the online version is that it does not organize stitches into useful categories such as knit/purl, cables, ribbing, textures, YOs, lace, etc.  For that, BKW, you will always be my best love!!!

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Steph said...

i am loving seeing you post your crafty projects again! you are SO talented!!!!!