Thursday, September 30, 2010

Working Out a Pattern

I've taken it upon myself to write my next pattern in multiple sizes.  I wasn't intending to.  Really, I'm far too busy to want to challenge myself in that way.  But then it just happened.  I thought I was working on a size 18-24mos sweater pattern and suddenly the resulting sweaters were snug on my size 18 mos child.  What?  How does this happen?  Did she grow?  No, she's still a size 18 mos.  Alas, the sweater is simply snug.

So here I am, frantically recalculating cast on stitches, landmark stitch counts, and final measurements.  Phew, math done, I feel really good about offering this next pattern in multiple sizes from12 mos to3T.  Oh, but wait, after blocking one of my original pattern sweaters, it GREW!  A lot.  So I guess that sweater really was sized 18-24 mos. 

Ha!  The joke's on me!  And yet in the end, I really can't be upset because I got a multi-sized pattern out of that one small error in planning.  I also realized that doing the calculations for each alternative size really isn't as scary as I had believed.  Yes, I still need testers to knit from the pattern and tell me if it fits their children, but now I have more to offer and a better feeling that people will be getting their $5 worth when they buy my pattern.

For the sneak peek, the following sweater designs will be included in the pattern, along with a lot of ideas for customizing it with additional stitch patterns and small details:

I'd be interested in a few more test-knitters, so if there's anyone out there who'd like to be involved, please leave a comment including where to reach you.  Alternatively, contact me via ravelry.  Look up Maggie's Flower Tunic and send a message to me from there.

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