Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Bit More Knitting

Here is a finished project from a recent Yarn For Woolies Swap I participated in.  It's a size small longies and hat set done in Purewool's Aqua y Crudo.

Also in the knitting bag is this set of longies, knit from Malabrigo Twist (Terron color):
 I think they turned out just fine but they aren't what I wanted by a long shot.  I wanted deep chocolate brown, not brown with lilac in it.  I also wanted a celtic knot cable but that just looked awful when I tried it.  Sigh.  Now if only I could sell these and get some money for new yarn...

And finally, another finished project.  This was a test run of my Maggie's Flower Tunic pattern with a number of modifications.  I used half-linen stitch instead of eyelet and carried it throughout the body.  At the sleeves I did put the stitches on my DPNs and picked up stitches under the armpit.  I knit another inch or so, in pattern, and then bound off with a crochet scallop.  Oh, and the body is hemmed with a band of butterfly stitch.

On my upcoming projects list:

sweater for myself
2 xmas gifts
hat for A
mittens and hat for M
mittens for me
socks for me
testing my Lofty Charlotte pattern (I have GOT to come up with a better name!)


Kathy said...

That is just the cutest sweater! Pattern anytime soon??

TheCraftyQueen said...

Hi, Kathy,

The pattern for Maggie's Flower Tunic is just a few posts below this one. Do you need more than just my notes on the modifications to knit one like I pictured here? I can try to write it up more officially if you would like. :D