Friday, August 20, 2010

The Knitting Binge Continues

I've been on a knitting binge since the end of June. I've completed 4 pairs of longies, 3 sweaters, a hat, and a pair of socks. I have all of the completed garments sitting in my china hutch and every time I walk by, it amazes me. My knitting speed has increased exponentially. Once upon a time, it took me nearly a month to complete one pair of very simple longies. Now, it's less than a week, and that's with cables and alternating skeins. I am kind of shocked. I always wanted to be as fast as the little old ladies I would see in the airport, fingers flying as they knitted their layovers away. I think I might be catching up to them!

It's a very good thing that my speed has picked up. I have a very full project list and several of the garments have to be finished in a very short time frame. Tomorrow evening I will start the first "yarn for woolies" swap longies that are due September 30th. Next week I will start the second pair for the same swap, also due September 30th. The week after that, I hope to start a knitted dress that I volunteered to be a pattern-tester for. The dress is due by late September or early October as well.

Next up on the list is a re-knit of my Koolaid Upchuck sweater, which definitely needs a new name. Maybe I should call it, "Arise, Charles!" Maybe that will help me stop seeing the image of spaghettios and blue moon ice cream after it has returned from a vacation in the gastric tract of a 3 year old. It's not a picture I relish. I'm reknitting the sweater to test my written pattern. If someone else out there would also like to test it, please let me know. I"ll forward you the current draft. It's another sweater that with just a bit of lengthening in the torso and arms would fit the 18 mos to 5T range.

Also on my list is a sweater for myself. I've never knit myself a sweater. Socks and a hat, yes, but not a sweater. I'd like to. I even have the yarn and the pattern in my hot little hands. But alas, other projects take precidence.

The next item on my list is a set of wool socks for myself again. I have 4 balls of yarn, all the same weight and brand, but all different hand-dyed colors. The idea is that I will use the same basic pattern to knit four socks (probably 5 with the fifth being a scrappy sock) and mix and match them. Since I only wear my wool socks at home in the winter and hate the boredom of knitting a second identical sock, this idea seems brilliant to me. Plus, the first pair of socks I knit this summer is also the same yarn, so really, I'll have 7 socks to intermingle.

My daughter has been begging me for a knit stuffed animal as well and I have a ton of toy patterns in my queue. I'd love to get one done for her by the holidays. It would be a perfect stocking stuffer.

Oh, yes, and lets not forget the stockings I wanted to knit last year... and this year as well, apparently.

And finally, on the needles right this moment is a test of the Maggie's Flower Tunic pattern with a few design modifications just for giggles. I'm finding a few errors in my posted pattern, but I am up to date in correcting the posted pattern. If I've found the error in this test knit, I've corrected the online pattern. Rest assured, the errors were small, indeed. I mislabeled which color yarn to use in a few places, which the knitter could figure out on her own just by looking at the pictures, and there was one place where I directed a K2 when there was only one stitch left in the row. A simple fix.

I'm starting to think that I have too much going on. Perhaps I should take a knitting vacation after my September 30th deadlines. Errr.... after I finish proofing Arise, Charles! and Maggie's Flower.

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