Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Chameleon Sweater

One of the cloth diapering/parenting forums I frequent online has a very healthy community of crafters and artists on it. While on my most recent knitting binge I came across the forum where the group of knitting parents hangs out. Hooray! I have a new place to hang out that won't disappear when M potty-trains later this year! What a relief!

This particular group of parents is a great group for a number of reasons. They have a daily chat thread where people can post what they're working on and throw out any questions they may have. Some people need advice on pattern reading, some need help with a design option, some need help with yardage and other supply issues. It's a great place to get immediate replies to your knitting questions.
It's also a great place to simply chatter about your life. We don't stay on topic always and there's always someone around to lend an ear or a shoulder. It's like having a local yarn shop and a mommy's group all in one place.

This month, the group is running a sweater knit-along. The basic premise is that anyone intersted in playing picks out a sweater pattern and knits it. There are two patterns that are recommended for the knit-along, but any sweater is welcome. I think they like to pick a couple of patterns to spotlight in order to increase the chances that questions about said patterns can be answered quickly. If we all get confused at the same point in the pattern, one of us is likely to figure it out and help the others. It's a great resource.
This month's feature patterns are:

The Sleuthing Hoodie
Ridinghood Sweater

I have always been a fan of the Ridinghood Sweater, but just don't have enough DK weight yarn on-hand to knit one up. SO, I decided that I will knit a Sleuthing Hoodie.

Originally, I was going to knit for M and chose the 18mos-24mos size. After knitting 11" down the body, however, I realized that it was big enough for A! Since I was using scrap yarn and the colors are actually better suited to the blonde than the redhead, I quickly switched gears and am now knitting the 5T size. Wowsa, that's a lot of knitting.
Here is an early "work in progress" picture from the sweater. As of this morning, the body is complete and one arm is 2" from completion.

I plan to do a pink hood with brown trim and brown pockets with pink trim... or maybe a brown hood with pink trim. It's hard to decide! Instead of one kangaroo pocket in front I will do two pockets that open from the top. I'm considering putting owl cables on the pockets or perhaps a cable and bobble flower. I can't wait to see the finished sweater.

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