Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sharing a Room

For about 6 months now, our eldest daughter has been asking to share a room with her sister. We always told her, "when M gets older, you can share a room with her."

Well, it finally happened. M got older and A moved in with her. We test drove the whole shared room concept over the holiday weekend while on a road trip and the girls did marvelously. They both went to bed easy and slept all night. We decided that it was time to give the girls what they had wanted, or at least what A had wanted. A shared room!

When we arrived home, we put the bunkbeds in the larger room (previously M's room) and the toys and rocking chair in the other, smaller room.

The first morning, M woke up at 7 (which is sleeping in for her) and did not wake her sister when she called out to me. M and I had breakfast and played while waiting for A to wake. We played, and played... and played.... and played.......

FINALLY, at 8:30am A woke up. I think she slept just fine in her new room. LOL.

The second night, when it came time for bed, I went to put M to sleep before I got A ready for bed. This is how I've done things pretty much since M first moved to a set bedtime, with a few small exceptions. As I was singing to M, she kept opening her eyes, saying, "Abbah?" As in, where's A?

I told M that A would be coming to bed soon. It was time for M to sleep. "Abbah?!" Yes, M, A will be to bed very soon. "Abbah?" Yes, A will sleep in here with you. We'll be right in. Finally, M believed me and went to sleep. She woke once in the night. I know because I heard her peep, but she must have looked over and saw her Abbah because she was quiet after that. No fuss, no muss, just sleep.

I knew that A wanted to share a room with M, but it surprises me that M wanted it just as much. She's not very verbal yet, but she does communicate fairly well. She clearly didn't want to go to sleep if her Abbah wasn't coming to bed with her. It's nice to know that they comfort each other.

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Jenny Schroeder said...

That is so sweet! I love hearing that :D