Saturday, July 10, 2010

knitting and dyeing with Koolaid

I have been knitting a lot lately. It's like I suddenly woke up to the realization that if I don't start my girls' fall and winter wardrobe NOW I'll end up making the same mistake I made last year. That is to say, put off making my own family's items until I have so many custom orders for other families' items that I just can't fit my own in!

Last year, M wore only hand-me-down longies. I shouldn't say ONLY because there was one pair that I knit for her. Amazingly enough, I frogged them this afternoon so that I can REknit them into a size that will fit her this year. Sounds silly, I know, but when I knit them last year, I had never knit with cestari yarn and it was about killing me to try to figure out how many stitches to cast on. And then there was the pooling. I have never seen yarn pool so much before. I must have started them about 5 times before giving up and letting it pool. I decided today that we weren't going to put her in those again this year. Never mind the fact that the legs aren't long enough. LOL.

So right now, I have the unknitted yarn dripping dry in my bathroom. I washed it to not only clean it but also to take the kinks out. After it dries I will twist the skeins to get the last of the kinks out and then later on I'll ball it up and knit. I want to do slimmer longer longies with owl cable pockets on them. I can see it now... Ha!

There is also another last year's failure project on my work table today. I had purchased some Purewool yarn in the Arara colorway to make linen-stitch longies for M. I must have spent 6 weeks worth of knitting time on them only to frog them this winter. They just weren't working. Plus, C didn't like the colors. I can't blame him as olive green, rust orange, and powder blue don't necessarily the best blend.

Earlier this summer I had used the yarn to test out a new pattern I was dreaming up. The pattern worked reasonably well and the tunic vest was cute enough to dress the children in but the colors are still awful. So tonight, I pulled out my Koolaid and searched through my colors to see what I had. I had 7 packets of Berry Blue and one packet of Blue Raspberry Lemonade. The vest, which I had washed this morning was mostly dry, but still slightly damp. Weighing it inaccurately, I had about 4 oz of yarn to dye with 7 packets. For those of you who know nothign about Koolaid dying, that's not a good ratio. Normally, they recommend 3-5 packets per oz of yarn.

Oh well, into the pot it went! Amazingly, I think that was the perfect amount of dye. The olive green looks closer to kelly green, the rust is now a chocolate brown and the blue is aqua. I can live with those colors! We'll see how it turns out after the dye has set, washed, and dried, but I think it has amazing potential. Yay for a saved project!!!

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