Friday, July 16, 2010

The Kind of Garage Sale I Hate

Yes, in fact there are garage sales that I hate. In case you're thinking that the garage sales in question are the ones with only "old people stuff," you'd be wrong.

Oh no, there is something much worse than a sale full of mildewed furniture from the 60s.

There is something worse than the sale that consists of one card table with 20 items on it.

Yes, there is even something worse than the sale that reads as fantastic in the online ad but turns out to be nothing near as it was described.

That would be the sale full of items you'd love to buy but won't because the people running it aren't garage salers themselves. Now, I don't mean to sound prejudiced. I'm really all for people trying something new and definitely behind the concept of making some money off of your off-cast belongings. The problem lies in pricing. If you don't frequent garage sales yourself, you can't price them correctly. Additionally, if you only go garage saling in the rich neighborhoods, you'll learn the prices that are fetched there, not the prices that are appropriate for your own neighborhood.

Let's take for example, the garage sale I found today. I live in a fairly rural area. Our town has 3000 people and the prices at garage sales are generally half what they are in the neighboring bigger city. Today, I saw the following laughable prices: (the appropriate price is in parentheses.)

  • onesies $1 (25 cents)
  • sleepers $4 ($1-2)
  • flannel receiving blankets $1.50 (10-25 cents)
  • outfits for infants $4-6 ($1-2)
They had a lot of very nice things which is odd for this town this late on a Friday. Is there any wonder why?