Monday, June 14, 2010

Recognizing Defeat

I had a brilliant stroke of luck today. It's the first day of Vacation Bible School, so A is away for the morning. M, bless her heart, decided to take her nap 30 minutes early, so I had a full hour of ME time! yay!

I decided to get a jump on a doll order I have in. Drat it, the stuffing is buried in a box in the garage. Well, I can get that out! So, I go to take a look. Nope. It's buried under a lot of HEAVY items. I'll have to wait for C to come home to help.

Next, I decided to work on some charity sewing. One of the parenting forums I belong to has a group of ladies who are sewing up cloth menstrual pads for young ladies in African orphanages. I volunteered to send in a few since they're so easy to sew and cheap since you can use small scraps from other projects.

WRONG! The serger needle broke. I replaced it. It broke again. I replaced it again. Oh no, now one of the other threads needs rethreading. For those of you with no experience with sergers, let's just say that rethreading the bottom threads can require a PhD and a 20 page instructional manual as well as good eye-sight, a pair of tweezers, and an allen wrench. Oh, but it gets even better. It serged for 6 inches and then came unthreaded again. Sigh.

I fixed the serger, finished the pad I was sewing and called it quits. Some days, I'm just not meant to sew.

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