Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Princess Pants

A now has two pairs of Princess Pants to wear under her sundresses. She went from refusing to wear her sundresses because she couldn't stand the cotton knit bloomers I made her wear under them to refusing to wear shorts because she NEEDS to wear her dresses and princess pants.

Sigh. Yay!

A even got to sew one pair herself. Well, okay, she really didn't do all the sewing herself, but she got to be in charge of the speed pedal for the serger and she also got to pick out the button that now decorates the front. She really got into it. We have plans to make a pair out of white cotton flannel for the wintertime since her mama accidentally threw her wool knit pair into the washer this spring. Fisherman's wool really felts up. A lot. Oops. They were a size 2T-6x. They are a size 12-18 mos now.

On a good note, M now has a pair of felted wool bloomers for under her dresses this winter!

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Steph said...

this post demands a picture!!!!!