Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cook Ahead and Freeze in Experiement

May 19th. That was the day I began this experiment. Today is June 10th. That's three weeks, for those of you without a calendar in front of you.

Three weeks ago, I cooked what was supposed to be 14 days worth of meals. As of today, I have 4 more meals/recipes in my freezer yet to be thawed and eaten. That's another full week! I have found that even when the recipe says it serves 4, we get up to 8-10 servings out of it. That's an awful lot of food, guys!

What I have learned so far:

I like cooking ahead. I like thawing out my meal and just tossing it in the oven as I play with the girls.

I like a lot of the recipes from the book More Once a Month Cooking. BUT most of them do not include enough vegetables. Most are not complete meals. HOWEVER, knowing that and accepting that, I find it's still quite restful to only have to deal with the side dishes each night.

I like having fewer dishes to wash after dinner each night.

I like having lots of leftovers for lunch. However, I do not like eating one recipe for 5 dinners in a row. I kid you not, I ate Chicken Scampi for 5 nights in a row. Thankfully, the girls loved it so they were happy to have their request for it granted, FIVE nights in a row. I finally tossed the last two servings. I couldn't do it any more.

Note to self, cut recipes in half or package each meal divided, to be thawed on two different nights.

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Jenny Schroeder said...

We do our cooking once a week - on Sundays and divide stuff into containers to take for work. For veggies, we steam it all on Sunday so all we have to do is take a serving we want and heat it up.

I'd love to see some of your recipes!