Thursday, June 17, 2010

Behind on Messages

Every now and then I find that I am behind the times. Usually, this is in reference to messages: email, voicemail, snail mail.

Then there is the every present problem with Private Messages and Blog Comments. I really do need some sort of automatic notification that lets me know I have new messages. Some of my online fora have this feature, but enough do not that I find myself a day late and a dollar short.

Case in point:

My previous blog about doll-making

I just today, 2 years later, noticed that I had comments from several people inquiring about purchasing similar dolls. Had I known that, i would have replied. I might not have been able to provide the dolls they needed, as I was about to enter my "I'm pregnant and turning my sewing studio into a nursery" phase, but I could have at least replied.

I feel like a putz when I realize I've done something like that. Of course, with blogger, there's no way to leave the commenting visitors messages in reply other than to post an additional message to them on the blog entry itself and here.

So, here's the message to you all:

Yes, I can make more. My studio is set up once more.

Yes, I'm willing to make more. Yes, I can customize.

And, last but not least, I will be updating my settings to notify me of all comments so that I can reply in time.


Anonymous said...

I really would like to purchase the pattern.

TheCraftyQueen said...
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TheCraftyQueen said...

The pattern is not available at this time but thank you for your interest.

Yvonne Oloughlin said...

I really want this or any Down syndrome doll xplease