Saturday, May 1, 2010

The National Weather Service Has Issued a "Time to Poop" Memo

The other night we had bad weather. It was lightening and thunder with tornado watches. Ooo fun! So I packed up the girls and went to the basement to wait it out. I had turned on the TV to stave off complaints of boredom.

For those of us who know our older daughter, what I'm about to describe may sound familiar. Bear with me.

We potty trained our older daughter very early. By 4 months, she could stay dry all day as long as we took her to the toilet every two hours. We did this mostly by verbal cues which we tied to her bodily functions. She first learned to expect the cues (grunt, grunt, grunt) while moving her bowels at 6 weeks of age and it all progressed from there.

We have been trying to do the same with our younger daughter since 6 weeks of age as well, but with pretty much NO success. She simply didn't give us any signs that she was filling her diaper and so we never managed to get her to associate the cues with her bodily functions.

So, back to the stormy night. As we were sitting there, watching Sid the Science Kid, the Weather Service broke in with another tornado watch. It began with those horribly discordant buzzes, three short ones, to get our attention.

M's head whipped around and she stared at the TV. She cocked her head to the side and said, "ghhn, ghhn, ghhn," (Grunt grunt grunt), squatted, and proceeded to fill her diaper.

So, apparently, the National Weather Service is better at toilet training that I am.

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