Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meal 3 of My Cook and Freeze Experiment

We've moved into the part of the experiment where we get to actually EAT the food I slaved over. It's quite nice. Really, it's quite nice.

So far, we've eaten:

1. Pillsbury pizza, ick.
2. George Romney Meatballs, TDF!
3. Coronation Chicken

The two meals that even stood a chance at being any good were actually great! I loved the minimized cooking. I can handle heating and serving it up. I can handle washing lettuce and ripping it up. The girls will let me do that much cooking, easily! And, oh, the GR meatballs are heavenly. C has demanded that I add the meal to our monthly rotation and told me under clear terms that I am to never even consider using light sour cream in it. Or else. HA! How's that for recipe success?

The whole meal plan iss proving to be a success, I think. There are a few other cook-ahead style cookbooks that i want to check out, but I think that I'm going to try to continue this style of meal prep. As long as I remember that these meals are going to require fresh veggies to be added, I can plan ahead for that and be entirely pleased with the amount of cooking time I spend in the kitchen on a given night.

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