Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Cooking Experiments Continue

Most of you have by now read on my facebook page that I'm starting to play with the "once a month" cooking concept. IF you haven't and you have no idea what I mean, let me spell it out. For Once a Month Cooking, you spend one per month cleaning out the fridge, shopping, stocking the fridge, and cutting up vegetables and meat ingredients. The next day, you devote and entire day to cooking all the meals you will need for the next 28 days. Then you go out for dinner to celebrate. For the rest of the month, you haul out a frozen meal every night at bedtime and the following evening bake, fry, or cook it as directed.

The idea is that you cram all of the hard work into one day so that most evenings you can simply set the stove and relax with the family. I will take all the relaxed evenings you can give me! Where do I sign up? HOWEVER, having said that, the next two weekends are particularly bad for me to institute this new cooking policy as next weekend we have a garage sale and the following weekend Dear Husband is out of town for 5 days.

I lieu of a full 30 day cook schedule, I will start with a 2 week, 14 meal cycle. I checked out Once A Month COoking and the companion book More Once a Month Cooking by Mimi and Marybeth... something. I can't remember their names. SIgh. Anyhow, I've elected to cook Meal Cycle C from the second book. There are a few meals in that cycle that I"m really not that excited by, but in the end, I think that in order to give the system a full trial, I have to simply knuckle under and do it.

This morning, I went shopping with the girls. It was a 90 minute adventure that didn't hurt the pocket book NEARLY as much as I expected. We got out of there for under $130 and only missed 4 ingredients, 3 of which they just don't carry there. :D $130 for 14 4-10 serving meals? WHy, that sounds delightful. That's about a buck a serving.

I have taken the time today to chop the vegetables but not to cut the meats. I am leaving that for after the girls are sleeping. I'd rather not be slinging a butcher knife wet with meat juices while I chase the baby out of the cupboards and corral the toddler into TIME OUTs for some creative use of language, as I had to do while chopping veggies this afternoon. LOL. Ah, this is the life and these ARE the days.

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