Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Holy-Poop-I'm-Rich Garage sale

Holy poop! I'm rich! No, seriously. I held a one-day garage sale today and made over $550.


I'm gonna faint!

And I still have more to sell. Sigh.

I decided to throw a garage sale, kind of spur of the moment this weekend. We're closing on our old house in less than two weeks and all of a sudden we're drowning in things. We've got the equivalent of two households crammed into one house. It's NUTS. I had:

4 twin beds
7 twin bed mattress pads
2 toddler beds
2 cribs
3 crib bedding sets
5 microwave carts
6 ceramic Indians (yes, 4 foot tall ones. If you search my blog for photos of the new house, you'll see the "drag queen" Indians, as we like to think of them.)
2 dining sets (table and chairs)
3 l0ve seats
8 rolling office chairs

and the list goes on and on. I needed to downsize majorly in order to even feel remotely in control of my house. So, I threw together a quick garage sale with all the child items I had already decided to sell plus a few of the more obvious items from Grandpa's household.

They say that if you build it, they will come. I put together the garage sale with that hope in mind. If I organize a sale, the buyers will come. I placed one ad on Craigslist, one sign in our front yard, and one sign on my car, which I parked out front. We had customers before 8am and the last set came after 4pm.

I had people duking it out for my child's outgrown items. No fistfights, thankfully, but people standing in line to inquire about items who were honestly disappointed when the items sold to someone else. It was SHOCKING.

I sold over $75 of M's used cloth diapers to more than one person and then had to go back into the house to see if I could scrounge up some more to sell. I didn't sell anything that I really wanted to keep, mind you, but people were asking for things that I suddenly remembered were still in a box waiting to be processed. This didn't happen just once, either!

I am very much less weighed down by excess belongings now. M has a bedroom with only a few boxed items waiting to be dealt with. A's room doesn't have ANY excess items.... oh, wait, her closet is still full of Grandma's things. Sigh. That's the thing. Even after a very successful garage sale, I'm still in a position where I can turn around and literally TRIP over something I should have, could have, and would have sold if I'd remembered to put it in the sale.

I guess I'll just have to have another sale this summer!

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Jenny Schroeder said...

Wooo hooo! That's an awesome feeling. We had great success w/Craig's list when we did our garage sale too :D Gather the stuff for your next go a-round!!