Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "oh, my stars!" Pantyliner

Last month, I threw away my Diva cup.

OH dear. I boiled it, cleaned out the holes, prepped it for my next cycle, and accidentally tossed it away.


I didn't realize it until I needed it. All I had available for my use were some paper pantyliners and after a trip across the street to the pharmacy, some tampons. I was NOT enthused. All week, I struggled as I have not struggled since hitting adulthood. I simply could not bring myself to feel comfortable using the paper products.

I ordered a new cup right away, of course. I'd be dumb not to. I also decided it was time to give cloth pads another shot. I had tried them twice before and each time gave up after only an hour because I just couldn't hack the bulk. But I was hating using the paper products, so what was my alternative?

A friend was insightful enough to ask me if I'd tried any commercially-made mama cloth or just WAHM-made items. She was right. I had only used WAHM products. She also found for me a website that had some name-brand mama cloth on deep sale.

SO I bought it. And I tried it. And found it to be not only satisfactory, but wonderful! HOoray!

Then I went online and searched patterns for making my own. Oh dear, look out, here comes another art project!

After three rounds of testing and altering a pattern I found online, I finally made a reusable cloth pantyliner that I am not only pleased to wear, but also pleased to show off!! Yay!

Now, to offload my prototypes.... anyone want a couple of unused 2nds quality cloth pantyliners?

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Jen said...

Very cool Nan...we use the diva cup too. I may be interested in trying one of these--great idea!