Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GroBaby Revisited

I posted a few months back about wanting to try the new GroBaby bio inserts on our littlest daughter. I figured it was time for an update!

I received inserts in size 1, which is the smaller of two sizes, as M is on the middle setting of her Grobaby shells and is around 15 pounds. These seemed to fit very nicely into the shells and I was very eager to use them.

After trying them out on short day trips, I decided that I liked them. they're a bit more complex than the Gdiaper inserts (which were my other option for disposable inserts in cloth covers.) They have nice elastic leg edges and adhesive pads on the backside to keep them in place. They never leaked on us which was impressive as at the time, M was EBF and her poo was like explosive gravy. Standard disposables NEVER held it all. Way to go, Grobaby!

Flushing them was an entirely different experience, however, than what I expected. I was hoping that they would be as easy as the directions made it out to be. "Tear open one edge and dump the absorbant inner material into the toilet." Um, yeah. Tearing the edge was a challenge when the biosoaker was drenched. Getting the innards out was yet another challenge! HOWEVER, when compared to the 500 years in a landfill that disposables take to decompose or scrubbing poop off cloth diapers by hand, really, it wasn't much of a chore.

I did give the biosoakers a longer test-run while on a road trip. Compared to travelling with cloth diapers, it was a cinch. No diapers to wash, no dirties to store until we reached a washing machine, and best yet, less bulk in the baggage.

Overall, biosoakers are a great option for those of us who choose to use as few disposables as possible.

Info on Grobaby and biosoakers can be found here:


Also of note, the original biosoakers I tried were donated to me as part of a pre-production trial run. I did not pay for them.

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