Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wedgie Wars

My almost-3 year old daughter is convinced that she has a wedgie. Every morning, every potty break, every nap, every bedtime, every random moment elicits the commet, "I have a wedgie" followed by some pretty fierce digging.

Every time this happens I have to explain to her yet again that, "no, you don't have a wedgie. A wedgie is when your undies are riding up to high. Yours are sitting down where they belong." She doesn't buy it.

We have tried:

2 brands of briefs
1 brand of bikini
boy cut girls' undies
boys' briefs

all in two different sizes.

They ALL give her wedgies. I keep looking up to find a toddler streaking through my living room. It's kind of funny, but really annoying, too.

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