Thursday, September 17, 2009


I LOVE Fishnoodles. What are Fishnoodles? They're a brand of diaper covers and cloth diapers. Here's their website: I recently purchased two covers on the advice of a friend and found the love. I had been searching all over for a snapping cover with gussets. The Fishnoodles cover was exactly what I was looking for. I had tried a few other brands from but the quality of the materials and selection of colors and prints is far better at Fishnoodles.

Recently, we were asked by the mama behind Fishnoodles to test a new closure style she is working on for her fitted diapers. She didn't have to twist my arm at all. I'm happy to try out something new on my baby.

The tester diaper arrived yesterday and I am already in love. It's so soft, so pretty, and the closure is really ingenious. I won't detail it here as it's not my intellectual property. I've seen something similar elsewhere, but I like the small differences the way Dawn did hers.

I have only had the time to prewash the diaper once, so I haven't been able to give it a full test run. I'm sad about that, but since it's my day at work, I wouldn't have the chance to put it on her and also be the one to take it off afterwards anyhow. I'll try to get it prewashed for the weekend so I can really test it out.

I'm thinking the Fishnoodles will be a good Night Diaper, as it's fairly comparable to the BSRBs ( which I am already using successfully as a night diaper. The drawback to the BRSBs in the night has always been the need to use pins to close them. For daytime use I love pins but at 4am in the dark, no way. With snaps, the Fishnoodles could very well solve that problem all-together. Granted, I do own a snap press so I could add snaps to my BSRBs, but something in me wants to maintain the purity of the original diaper. Sheesh, what a nut I am.

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