Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally a Favorite

When our older daughter was 4 months old, we tried to introduce to her the lovey of our choosing. It was a white lamb head on a blanket with nubs. We had bought two of them, based on the old piece of advice that you should never have only one of the child's favorite sleep item. A was kind enough to take to "Wooboo" as she calls it with no problems, but she has always been very flexible about it. She never behaved in a way that required us to have a backup Wooboo so that she could go to sleep.

Hooray, we thought.

Introduce to the scene Lulu, a Build-A-Bear dog. A went to BAB with her friend B for B's birthday and picked out Lulu. I really liked Lulu, and thought she made an excellent choice. So maybe it's my fault that she likes her so much, as I encouraged A to play with Lulu those first few weeks we had her.

Lulu is missing her underwear, pants, and ear bows, but still retains her shirt and collar. Lulu is well-loved and sleeps with A every single night. She'll sleep without Lulu, but not without compaining.

Here are some of the places that Lulu has been showing up:

And my personal favorite, On the Potty:

The only real drawback to this situation, well, okay, the only TWO real drawbacks are as follows:

1. Lulu was not inexpensive, and to have TWO Lulus would not be advisable, despite the advice.
2. Lulu has a voice box in her paw. She is not machine washable. Oh dear.

Overall, I have to say, though, that I am pleased with A's choice. Lulu is small enough to travel well, and cute enough to not be an embarrassment now or later when she comes along for the ride. Good Job, A!

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