Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend "Progress"

What a weekend! Between Friday and Monday we packed in a whole lot of life. It was the first weekend in over a month that we'd all been healthy. On Friday, I attacked the living room with a vengeance and while it's still somewhat less than presentable, I can at least see my floor and walls again!

Other items worthy of note:

The toddler swore at me for the first time. More accurately, she swore in front of me. For all that I was not looking forward to the event, I was suitably impressed that she used the word correctly. As in, "Oh, damn, Maggie dropped her nookie again."

The baby rolled over for the first time. She rolled from her front to her back with a resounding THUD as her head hit the floor. She didn't seem too upset by it. She also didn't see too excited by the achievement. She just stared up at me blankly while I praised her.

Culver's snack pack meal is over 1400 calories, ya'll. If you're dieting, don't eat one unless you plan on not eating ANYTHING else all day. Culver's concrete shake makes up 742 of those calories. YIKES!

AND one final note, the toddler likes to go hiking. We took the family to Devil's Lake State Park and headed up the East Bluff trail. The 2 year old decided to walk instead of ride and she made it all the way up and partway down by herself. That's over an hour of rocky uphill climbing! Go BabyGirl!

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Steph said...

you are SO funny.

and i'm super-duper impressed about a's climbing/hiking skills!