Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Out

Every now and then we have a rough evening where A pushes every button available while M is wailing in my ear. It doesn't happen too often, but when it coincides with me not getting a good afternoon snack, the results are disasterous.

These are, obviously, the evenings during which A ends up with a large number of time outs. Inevitably, these are also the nights when I am SO distracted that I can't remember WHY A earned a particular time out! Every time this happens I hope and pray that the standard post-time-out question of "Why did you earn this time out?" actually prompts an informative answer out of A so that I can figure out what to lecture her about...

I always feel bad when she's been sitting on a punishment (which she definitely earned or I wouldn't have sent her to it) and I can't remember why she's there. It's like I've experienced a failure in the chain of parenting events and got caught with my pants down or something. I should at the very least be able to remember WHY she's on time out!

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